This script has been created for district courts all across the United States with the intent of improving national security by reducing the amount of time it takes for our public guardians to create search warrants. By entering information into this form and clicking on the "Generate Warrant for National Security" button below, you are taking full responsibility for the PDF file generated. I am not responsible for any illegal action taken using the pdf document generated by this script.

If you would like to know a bit about the context of this generator, read about it on boingboing.


The country for the top of the heading.


The district (don't use all-caps).


don't use all caps..

Address 1

Street Address

Address 2

City, State, Zip

Enter a description of the building below. For authenticity, be sure to make it a run-on sentence and don't put a period at the end.

Case Number



I guess this is the person who's going to do the stealing and window-smashing--I mean, searching.


Don't worry, this stuff isn't too important because any "Authorized Officer of the United States" can take care of business.

Enter desired legal mumbo-jumbo below. Again, make sure to use run-on sentences and try to cite some laws and codes and stuff. If you want attachments, you're gonna have to make those yourself. Sorry :(


Enter the location where the person(s) will be harrassed--I mean, national security will be protected.


The name of the Magistrate Judge (don't use all caps).


Put a stamp on your warrant.

    Don't do anything bad plz k thx.