Pick Your Candidate
Please Note: This has not been updated since the 2008 election.

Instructions: Go through each issue listed below and choose the stance you would prefer in a president. If a particular issue is important to you, select a different weight to the right. If an issue is not important to you, leave it as unknown/other. This site will attempt to match your views against the views of the US presidential candidates.
Issue Stance Weight
Abortion Rights - No federal legislation banning abortion.
Death Penalty - States' right to issue the death penalty.
No Child Left Behind - Maintaining the No Child Left Behind Act.
Embryonic Stem Cells - Legalizing research that uses stem cells derived from embryos.
ANWR Drilling - Drilling for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.
Kyoto - The US adhering to the Kyoto Protocol.
Assault Weapons Ban - Reinstating the Assault Weapons Ban.
Guns - Background Checks - More thorough background checks for gun ownership.
Patriot Act - Maintaining the Patriot Act.
Guantanamo - Maintaining a military presence at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Torture - Torturing prisoners such as enemy combatants or suspected terrorists.
Wiretapping - Intercepting internet/telephone communications without a warrant.
Citizenship Path for Illegals - Creating a path by which illegal aliens already in the US can become citizens.
Border Fence - Constructing a border fence between the US and Mexico.
Net Neutrality - Regulations to ensure that public networks treat all content, sites, and platforms equally.
Iran Sanctions - Maintaining trade sanctions with Iran.
Iran - Military Action - Utilizing military action to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities.
Iraq War - Maintaining the current war with terrorists in Iraq.
Iraq Troop Surge - The increased troop presence in Iraq.
Iraq Withdrawal - Withdrawing from Iraq.
Minimum Wage Increase - Increasing the minimum wage.
Same-Sex Marriage - Allowing same-sex marriage.
Same-Sex Civil Union - Allowing civil unions between people of the same sex.
Same-Sex Constitutional Ban - The creation of an ammendment that bans same-sex marriage.
Universal Healthcare - The creation of a federal, universal healthcare system.